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Off grid highfrequency inverter

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Name:1kw inverter
 1.High transfor efficiency, highest can reach to 90%.
2.Output ture sine wave
3.Protection function completely, output short-circuit protection( take load short-circuit),Overload protection or under-voltage protectin.
Description Parameter
 Inverter can change dc to ac equipment,It consists of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit.Widely used in air conditioners, hometheater,electric grinding wheel, electric tools, sewing machines, DVD, VCD, computer, TV, washing machines, smoke lampblack machine, fridge, VCR,massager, fan,lighting, such as large water pump.

Model : SRIH1K  1000-12V 1000-24V 1000-48V
AC Output  Continuous power:    1000W
Surge power:    2000W
120%<Load<150% Rated power for 10s
150%<Load<200% Rated power for 2s
Output Waveform  Pure Sine Wave (THD < 3%)
Output Frequency   50Hz±0.1% or 60Hz±0.1% (Optional)
AC Output Voltage 100~120VAC / 200~240VAC (Optional)
DC Iutput DC Input Voltage 12V DC 24V DC 48V DC
Voltage Range 10V-15V 20V-30V 40V-60V
Low Voltage Alarm 10.5V± 0.5V 21V±1V 42V±2V
Low Voltage Shut down  10V±0.5V 20V±1V  40V±2V  
Over Voltage Shut down  15V±0.5V 30V±1V 60V±2V
Converting Max. Efficiency 90% (Full Loading) / 95% (1/3 Loading)
No Load Consumption < 0.8A < 0.4A < 0.2A
Protection Over Thermal:     Shut Off Output Automatically, Temperature >75
Short circuit protection:  Reverse Polarity (External Fuse)
Cooling Fan automatically run  Temperature 45
 Environment Working temperature  -10℃~+50 
Working humidity  20%90% RH  Non-Condensing
Storage Temperature Range  -30℃~+70 
LED Indicator Light Inverter, Fault
Packing  Inner Box Dimensions (mm) 415*195*135 mm 4pcs /Carton
Inner Box Weight (kg) 3.5 kg
Carton Dimensions (mm) 435*410*315 mm
Carton Weight (kg) 16.5 kg
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