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Off grid inverter

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Name:96V5KW inverter
1.High transfor efficiency, highest can reach to 95%.
2.Output ture sine wave
3.Protection function completely, output short-circuit protection( take load short-circuit),Overload protection or under-voltage protectin.
4.Strong ability of resist concussion, can loading all kinds of electric apparatus and industry equipments. Such as: air condition,refrigerator,television, fan, washer, fill water electric motor, tortile gate, and etc.
5.The service life is long, can reach a decade
Description Parameter
 Inverter can change dc to ac equipment,It consists of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit.Widely used in air conditioners, home theater,electric grinding wheel, electric tools, sewing machines, DVD, VCD, computer, TV, washing machines, smoke lampblack machine, fridge, VCR,massager, fan,lighting, such as large water pump. 
input voltage range:130-260VAC
input frequency rang:50HZ/60HZ±3%
output voltage range:220/110VAC±3%
output frequency rang:50HZ/60HZ±3%
Input voltage: 96V DC(80-120v)
Output waveform : pure sine wave
Protections:Input/output over high or low protecting;low battery protecting;surge and pike-currents protecting; overload protecting 100%-120% 30sec;>120% 
100ms; >150%, 50ms output short circiut <150ms
Peak efficiency : 90%
Recharge current:15-25a
Transfer time:4ms
Unit size(mm):550*260*600
N.W(KG): 44
1 year warranty